The 3 Best Moving Companies 2021

Our readers have been comparing over 250 moving companies with regards to customer satisfaction, overall performance, and company mission to find the 5 best moving companies for 2021. These movers have shown the best moving reviews for value, performance, quality, price and professionalism during the move. When choosing a mover the rule of thumb is to review at least three moving companies and choose the one that will suit your move the best.

1. Movers Near Me ( )
Scoring the highest in all categories, Movers Near Me is our “Mover of the Year” due to their work with domestic abuse victims providing free moving services to women and children in the Jacksonville, Orlando and Boston areas. Owned by Sarah Christie, she states “our mission is to give back to provide anyone needing emergency moving services the option to leave if they are in danger.” Movers Near Me has over 100 locations in the US and can easily help with any local or long distance move no matter where you live.

2. Monster Movers (
Monster Movers was Mover of the Year in 2017 so it’s not surprising to see them continue highly ranked this year. Since 2017, they have implemented a expedited long distance moving service which has been termed the Uber of moving services. Monster Movers has 12 locations mainly along the East Coast but serves the entire US

3. White Glove Moving (
White Glove Moving has a headquarters in Shrewsbury, MA but operates in New England, California, New York and Texas. White Glove scored the highest in professionalism and quality but as we all know you pay for what you get. Pricing for White Glove was about 10% higher than any other moving company reviewed but the quality was so high it entered our list at #3. Our readers recommend this company for high end moves needing special services like pianos, pool tables or high end antiques.

2021 promises to be an exciting year with many people moving locally and long distance after 2020 kept us quarantined for so long. Beware of moving scams and keep these highly ranked moving companies in mind so you don’t end up in a worse position after your move.


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