Real Estate Investing Strategies: Partnering Your IRA | National Webinar Series

Investment Strategies
IRA Partnering is a popular strategy among real estate investors, who are often looking for more capital to purchase larger properties. You can partner your IRA with:
Personal funds, other IRA account, other peoples’ fund, IRA Multiple Partners
Listen to this National Webinar to discover how you can partner your self-directed IRA funds to purchase real estate investments.

This online presentation includes:

The basics and benefits of a self-directed IRA
An explanation of what “partnering” means
Examples of ways you can partner a self-directed IRA for real estate investing
A comparison of an IRA vs. an IRA LLC
An overview of the legal and tax issues to consider when partnering
A partnering case study

Date: June 10, 2014

Time: 10:00 AM PST

Speakers: Joe DiDomenico, Warren Bakker

Introduction: 0:00
Partnering funds: 4:43
Examples of Acceptable Transactions: 5:14
Warren Baker: 5:37
WB Part 1: Setting up the SDIRA or SDIRA-owned LLC 9:59
WB Part 2: The Joint Venture: Structuring the Partnership: 17:23
WB Part 3: The Restrictions: Legal and Tax Issues to Consider when SDIRA Partners 33:08
Q&A: 53:05

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