Flipping Houses Business Formula – House Flipping 101 – Flipping Houses for Profit


Ever want Flipping Houses Business Formula? This video will show you the house flipping formula that professional house flippers use to buy, fix, and resale houses.

This is House Flipping 101 and the 6th grade math that you need to flip houses for profit. In this video I go through evaluating a flip property and how you can get access to a free property investment calculator.

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As a beginning, intermediate or advanced real estate investor you make your money when you buy. If you don’t buy right you can end up not making as much money as you planned or losing money all together.

I go through all the factors you should take into consideration when analyzing a flip property. Running the numbers to ensure a great profit in each and every one of your flips.

In 17 minutes you will have the formula to evaluate any flip property nationwide. Save yourself time and agony of trying to figure the flipping houses business out and watch this video for the clear cut formula of how to put these types of deals together.

If there was a class on house flipping 101 this fundamental formula for running the numbers would be in it.

Here are the fundamental pieces to flip houses for profit & the flipping houses business formula covered in this training video:

1. Finding the ARV of Your Property
2. Accounting for Expenses for Rehab
3. Understanding Your Comps on Your Property
4. Analyzing Your Deal

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