Eviction on Hoarder House Flip Where the Seller Would Not Move! Bought 6/30/2020

This is a house I bought 2 months ago from a wholesaler. The seller had 2 weeks to move out after the closing and the wholesaler held back $5,000 to make sure that they moved. However, the seller did not move and they lost the $5,000 to us. We completed the eviction the day before the CDC came out and said that evictions would be halted.

We talked to the seller a number of times and they mostly yelled at us and told us we were evil for making her move. She was a 40 to a 50-year-old lady. The wholesaler said she had received about $50,000 at the closing so she had plenty of money to move even though she claimed she didn’t have any and that is why she could not move.

She stopped responding to us so we had to start the eviction. We can do evictions in Colorado and this was not a Fannie or a Freddie loan so there was no national ban on this type of eviction at the time. This is the third eviction we have done this year on properties where we inherited tenants or owners who would not move.

The lady has cats and I was afraid she would destroy the house after the interactions we had with her. When I first saw the house it was full of boxes but it was not destroyed and did not smell like cats.

We did the eviction earlier this week and I had no idea how much stuff she had left in the house. We had to have at least 10 people to help move her stuff because we only have an hour to move everything outside. We can move everything into a dumpster and then give the evicted party 24 hours to get anything they want and then we can get rid of it.

You can see in the video how many things were left and it took us longer than an hour but the sheriffs deputy was cool about it, probably because Nikki and I were working too!

We found some interesting things in the house and it was probably not smart of me to wear a white shirt!

You can see some of our other eviction videos below:

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